Get the smile of your life with Teeth X-Press by Detail Dental

and transform your smile with Full-Mouth, Dental Implant Restoration & Teeth in Just One Day!

Get the smile of your life with Teeth X-Press by Detail Dental

and transform your smile with Full-Mouth, Dental Implant Restoration & Teeth in Just One Day!

The Art and Science of what your smile can and should be is here today. Let Dr. Chisler and the team show you how!

Today’s technology is allowing our technical, surgical, and restorative team to come together starting at the initial consultation appointment. We now have the ability to plan our full arch cases with a true, transferable, digital diagnostic wax-up. Superimposing this wax-up onto actual patient pictures assists in patient approval and allows us to place implants based on how we want the final teeth to look, not what was there before, resulting in the most realistic looking and functional set of teeth. Once patient approval is received, we process the entire case digitally using 3D imaging, digital scanning, CO2 lasers, and digital photography.

Ready to get started on the smile of your dreams?

Detail Dental, your premier provider for top-quality dental implants & full-mouth restoration in Indianapolis.

We understand how important your smile is, and we’re committed to helping you achieve the perfect set of teeth with our state-of-the-art implant options. Whether you’re missing a few teeth or in need of a full-mouth restoration, our Detail Dental team has you covered. Together we’ll take you through everything you need to know about our Teeth X-Press Teeth-in-a-Day, hybrid denture, and other implant options, and help you make an informed decision about which option is right for you. Let’s get started!

What is Fixed Full Arch, Teeth X-Press Teeth In A Day?

It’s completely normal for patients to have a little anxiety when it comes to dental implants. Our doctors and team at Detail Dental understand how you feel. In one easy appointment, we’ll replace all your teeth with a gorgeous, fixed, functional smile while you relax watching your favorite movie or doze off for a little nap. Patients who undergo the All-On-X, Teeth X-Press not only achieve gorgeous smiles, but also new perspectives on life. Imagine, having all that in just a single appointment. We frequently see patients that are unable to eat the foods they love. Many feel they need to cover their mouths when talking in public. For these individuals, Detail Dental’s All-On-X, Teeth X-Press is the ideal procedure to give them the confidence they need and the peace of mind to order whatever they want from the restaurant menu.

Follow the link below to learn more about what you can expect when choosing a Platinum Fixed Zirconia Full Arch from Detail Dental.

Detail Dental's Teeth X-Press Options

What full arch options are available and what will work best for me?
Detail Dental offers 6 options for patients in need of replacing all their teeth. The options decrease in price starting with Platinum. The first 3 options (Platinum, Gold, and Silver Plus) do not come in and out. They stay in your mouth all the time. Further, the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Plus options include as many implants as possible based upon the amount of bone you have available. Your fee will not increase if you have the capacity for more implants. The more implants we can place, the more stable your new smile will be for the years to come.
Fixed Dentures

Fixed Zirconia Full Arch set of teeth. The ultimate in aesthetics and durability comes from utilizing Detail Dental’s award-winning laboratory partner and technician, Conrad Rensburg. Fixed Zirconia offers patients the most realistic and natural feeling, for day-to-day comfort and confidence. Patients who select this option, leave with a full set of 3D engineered and fabricated teeth at their same-day appointment, but return later for their dazzling Zirconia smile fitting.


Premium Fixed Resin Full Arch set of teeth offers patient a more economical choice that is 3D engineered and fabricated to look, perform and feel just like their natural teeth only better! While fixed resin is not as strong as zirconia, this replacement option is monolithic 3D fabricated from the strongest dental resin available today making it is a great option for patients looking for a fantastic, albeit more affordable smile option.

Silver Plus

Fixed Denture Acrylic Full Arch set of teeth offers patients an even MORE affordable option for full arch replacement. Here the patients new smile is comprised of a full-arch bridge made of premium denture acrylic digitally designed to perform more like their natural teeth than traditional dentures. The material is similar to a traditional denture, but this one locks in and stays put. This option is perfect for patients that want a fixed solution on a budget!

Removable Hybrid Dentures

Removable Hybrid Dentures are teeth made of denture acrylic which snap into place over 4-6 implants. This cost-effective option is great for patients that want a denture that comfortably stays in place throughout the day but is removed and cleaned at night.


Removable Root Locator Dentures can be an option for patients who have at least 4-6 remaining teeth with healthy roots which can be used as attachments for their new denture. With removable root locator dentures, snaps are placed on top of the existing teeth allowing the denture to firmly attach without the need of placing implants.

Traditional Dentures

Premium Removable Dentures are Detail Dental’s most affordable offering to replace missing teeth. Denture prosthetics have been around for hundreds of years, and millions of people still use them each and every day. Sometimes our patients start out with a traditional denture and very quickly decide to upgrade to one of the options listed above due to the limited functionality, decreased ability to taste, and lack of retention and esthetics offered by even our premium dentures. That’s okay, at Detail Dental we’re here to discuss all your available options to help you decide what is best for you.

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