Detail Dental's Teeth Express Options

Comprehensive Overview & Comparison

The charts here provide a comprehensive snapshot of our Xpress Teeth In A Day arch replacement options based on strength, realism, cost, suitability and benefit to you our patient. We hope these charts will help serve as an informative resource for patients who are exploring their options for replacing missing teeth and seeking to make an informed decision about their long-term dental care. If at any time you have questions regarding our Xpress Teeth In A Day offerings, please give our office a call at (317) 271-1488.

Fixed Dentures


Fixed Zirconia Full Arch

    • Fixed Zirconia
    • Ultimate Strength
    • Realistic & Natural Feeling
    • Highest Quality
    • Ideal for patients seeking the absolute highest in aesthetics & durability

Benefit: Dazzling smile in just one day thanks to Detail Dental’s award-winning laboratory partner & technician, Conrad Rensburg.


Premium Fixed Resin Full Arch

    • Fixed Resin
    • High Strength
    • Looks, performs & feels natural
    • Next Best Quality
    • Ideal for patients balancing the aesthetics, durability & cost

Benefit: Economical choice for full arch replacement – monolithic 3D fabricated from the strongest dental resin available today.

Silver Plus

Fixed Denture Acrylic Full Arch

    • Fixed Denture Acryllic
    • Moderate Strength
    • Performs more like natural teeth than traditional dentures
    • More Moderately Priced
    • Perfect for patients who do not want the day-to-day maintenance of traditional dentures

Benefit: Least expensive option for fixed full arch implant supported bridge. Silver Plus is only removed by your Detail Dental team during regular 6 month cleanings.

To help ensure protection of your smile investment, Detail Dental offers varying 2-5 year warranties on implant parts and materials for all Platinum, Gold & Silver plans. To be eligible for Full Arch Warranties, patient must comply with regular six month follow up hygiene appointments and annual radiographs to monitor implant health. Learn more about how Detail Dental is working to protect you long-term and schedule your consultation today!

Removable Hybrid Dentures


Removable Hybrid Dentures

    • Removable Hybrid
    • Solid Strength
    • Comfortably stays in place throughout the day, removed/cleaned at night
    • Highest Quality Removable
    • Great for those who want a denture with high retention & realism.

Benefit: Cost-effective option that is removable and still provides a realistic-looking smile.


Removable Root Locator Dentures

    • Removable root locator denture
    • Moderate Strength
    • Firmly attaches without implant placement
    • Lower Cost Option
    • For patients with at least 4-6 remaining teeth with healthy roots

Benefit: A great solution for patients seeking removable dentures with high retention & stability.

Traditional Dentures

Premium Removable Dentures

    • Denture Prosthetic Acryllic
    • Fair Strength
    • Performs under most circumstances, may limit taste/ speech
    • Most Moderately Priced
    • An affordable option to replace missing teeth & retain some aesthetic.

Benefit: Ideal for patients who are seeking a traditional denture option.