Preventive Cleanings

According to the CDC, nearly 47% of adult Americans suffer from mild, moderate, or even severe forms of periodontal disease. Getting rid of dental plaque is the best way to prevent gum disease.

Gum inflammation is typically the cause of periodontal disease, which weakens the bones supporting teeth. The symptoms can range from bad breath, bleeding gums, and tooth loss depending on the stage. Gum disease can be prevented most effectively with dental cleanings. They keep your mouth healthy, preserve your best overall oral health and ensure a good quality of life.

Types of dental Cleanings offered at Detail Dental

People come to dental specialists like Detail Dental for help with a variety of issues. Dental cleanings are customized for each patient based on their dental health. The process is usually painless if your gums and teeth are in good health. However, the process will typically take a while if you’ve neglected your teeth and gums for a long time. In that case Dr. Chisler and the Detail Dental team may recommend a more advanced treatment. To help you better understand what those treatment options are, we offer below a brief description of the various categories of dental cleanings offered at our office.

Preventive Cleaning

People who typically take good care of their teeth are the best candidates for this procedure. It entails performing routine maintenance, including cleaning plaque and tartar from teeth and gums.

Scaling / Root-planing

Patients at risk or those who have recently been given a periodontal disease diagnosis receive scaling and root planing. This extensive cleaning of both the teeth and gums and sometimes requires a patient to have more than one visit to complete treatment.

Gross Debridement

This process might need to be done if it has been a while since your last visit to our office. Patients who haven’t seen a dentist in a while typically have a significant buildup of tartar and plaque, necessitating a careful examination and thorough cleaning.

So what makes detail dental cleanings so important?

Other than maintaining your beautiful Detail Dental smile, there are a multitude of benefits to dental cleanings to consider. They support best overall health because research indicates that neglecting your oral hygiene can result in bone loss and increase chances in developing heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Plus there’s other advantages of routine dental cleanings such as:

A Nice Smile

Humans are social creatures and for other people to have a positive impression of us, we want to look our best. Nothing increases your charm and charisma like a brilliant smile. Your teeth will become stronger and brighter with regular dental cleanings.

Dental Disease Prevention

Gum disease isn’t given nearly the attention it merits, based on the sobering statistics in America. The uncomfortable signs of gum disease, such as toothaches, bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth loss, and others, can be avoided and treated by getting regular dental cleanings.

Early Cancer Diagnosis

Finding the disease early on is one of the keys to surviving cancer. Cancer typically shows up in a variety of ways. Regular dental cleanings enable our dental specialist to identify the cancer roots early, sparing you from expensive medical costs or death. At Atlantic Dentistry, we offer high-quality oral cancer screenings.

We advise clients to come in at least twice a year. It not only keeps your teeth in excellent condition, but it also ends up saving you money over time. Make an appointment for your cleaning at Detail Dental today!