Insurance & Financing

One of the more common questions we receive at DETAIL DENTAL is, “Do you accept my insurance?” Our answer to that is, Yes. We accept most insurance plans.

Although we would love to be in network with every insurance company, contracting with some insurances would prevent us from being able to provide the quality of care our patients deserve. In these rare instances, our dedicated business assistants will help you determine if your plan allows you to go out of their specific group of providers.

Do you have Dental Insurance?

Detail Dental is Here to Help!

While we don’t know exactly how much your insurance provider will help pay for your specific treatment, we are able to call your insurance company, get a breakdown of your insurance discounts, find out what they’ve helped pay in the past for similar services, and create an estimate for you.

EVERY dental insurance plan has different stipulations regarding access to care and payment for services rendered. Within the same insurance company, discounts may differ based upon the numerous types of contracts they offer to employers.

A plan may include specific limitations that we will not know of in advance; therefore, it is important for the patient to understand his/her dental discounts. Benefits discussed with the patient are only estimates. In the event that a patient’s insurance carrier pays under the estimated amount, the patient will be responsible for any remaining balance.

Detail Dental

Prioritizing Your Dental Needs vs. Your Dental Insurance

Membership Plans

Designed for Patients Without Dental Insurance

Don’t hesitate to talk to your dentist about financial concerns. More and more patients are realizing that dental insurance pays a pretty good portion of their 6-month check-ups, but significantly less if they need fillings, crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers, braces, implants, or even dentures. If you have limited benefits from your insurance company and you aren’t satisfied with the amount they help, talk to our team about our In-House Membership Plan. The Membership Plan is designed for patients that don’t have dental insurance and it cannot be combined with your dental insurance. However, if you are in need of comprehensive dental work consisting of more than a few fillings, Detail Dental’s In-House Membership Plan may be perfect for you. Most patients pay $39.00/month and receive their periodic check-ups, Cleanings, X-Rays, and Emergency visits at no extra cost throughout the year. However, the main advantage to the Detail Dental Membership Plan is every member receives a

20% discount off EVERY standard procedure Detail Dental provides.
(Full Arch, Teeth-in-a-day not included)

This includes crowns, implants, ortho, bleaching, veneers, sleep apnea appliances, and even botox and dermal fillers. Further, there are no limits, pre-authorizations, deductibles, or waiting periods. If you and your dentist decide it is time to move forward with treatment, there is no one else (Insurance Companies) to say otherwise. Finally, you are in total control of your dental health.

Dental Financing

Detail Dental offers various financing options including interest-free short term financing and long-term financing with low interest rates. This means that even if your budget is a little tight, you can still obtain the dental care you need without needing to pay one lump sum.