Detail Dental's Teeth X-Press - Gold

Premium Fixed Resin Full Arch

If a solid Zirconia bridge is a bit out of your price range but you still dream of having the functionality of full-arch implants, you might want to consider Detail Dental’s Gold. This fixed implant denture option is engineered to have the exact same shape and design as our Platinum offering, which means it provides a high level of functionality and aesthetics.

Detail Dental’s Gold option is not made of actual gold but instead is a monolithic 3D engineered denture fabricated from the strongest dental resin available today. Much stronger than traditional denture acrylic, our Premium Resin Fixed Arch provides patients with an exceptional level of functionality and at the same time looks incredibly realistic.

While an outstanding secondary option to our Platinum, many patients initially choose the Gold option and later upgrade to the Platinum version prosthesis as their financial situation allows, therefore making it an excellent way to get the benefits of a full-arch zirconia bridge without having to pay the full price up-front. This Gold implant option is truly a smart investment for those who want a durable and realistic implant without breaking the bank.

At Detail Dental, we understand that every patient has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their dental health. That’s why Dr. Chisler takes the time to thoroughly evaluate each patient and their specific situation to determine which Teeth In A Day option is best suited for them.

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