Teeth X-Press Platinum

The ultimate in aesthetics & durability with Detail Dental's Fixed Zirconia Full Arch

Detail Dental’s Teeth X-Press Platinum option is a fixed full arch zirconia bridge that restores a patient’s smile back to what it was before they started having dental problems. It is the absolute best option in dentistry for function, esthetics, and maintenance.

Following this procedure, patients smile and function with the confidence that they have the best tooth replacement dentistry has to offer.

This option is known by many names including; all on X, all on 4, teeth in a day, hybrid denture, permanent dentures, and fixed full-arch prosthesis.

"My smile is something I just could never thank Dr. Chris enough for."
- Janice

As one might expect, the cost for this procedure is at the highest end. After all, it is the absolute best, highest quality option available today. To ensure you have the option of our Platinum Teeth X-Press option, Detail Dental can present you with multiple financing options available without a credit check.

Dr. Chisler performs many of these procedures each year, but we realize not everyone can afford this option. That is the reason we came up with the alternate options which you can learn more about below. But before you do, please take a moment to listen to the stories of Chuck and Janice. They both decided that Platinum was the only way to go for them.

Not sure whether Teeth X-Press Platinum is right for you?

Check out our comprehensive overview & comparison guide for all your options.