Same Day Dentistry

YES! You can have that beautiful smile you always wanted... in just one visit.

At Detail Dental we understand the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile to your self confidence. And we also know you would like to have that great feeling as soon as possible. Thankfully, we have the technology and expertise to custom craft and restore your smile today... in just a single office visit!

We hear it all the time. That’s why we’re known as the same-day dental problem solvers.

Patients with teeth that are discolored, crooked, cracked or gapped just don’t smile with confidence. That’s why at Detail Dental we offer state-of-the-art CEREC and CAD/CAM technology, because it allows us to design and mill your dental veneers, crowns, bridges and implants right here in the office without the need of an outside dental lab. Imagine, a beautiful radiant smile custom crafted and placed by our highly-skilled dental and cosmetic team on your initial visit and leaving with the smile you’ve always wanted.

How does it work?

Using a small hand-held wand, your Detail Dental team will capture thousands of digital images and stitch them together in a digital impression. Making use of computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM), we can eliminate the required turn-around for crafting your veneers, not to mention the messy dental impressions your used to. Importing your impression into CAD, Dr. Chisler and the team will then design your beautiful veneers and mill them right in our office using our cutting edge CEREC milling system.

By staying abreast of the latest technologies, Detail Dental is able to design and mill custom veneers right in the office while you wait. Our CEREC milled veneers will perfectly match the shade of your other teeth and you leave our office with the smile you’ve always wanted without the necessity of temporary veneers or a follow-up visit.



Why live with the pain or discomfort of a tooth or teeth that have been structurally compromised by decay or trauma, when you can have beautiful, healthy crown restorations in a day? Using our cutting-edge CAD/CAM and CEREC Milling System, our Detail Dental team can restore your smile without the wait. Best of all, the amazingly natural appearance and same-day service means the only thing people will notice, is you’re smiling a little more than you did the day before. In office CAD/CAM restorations are laboratory-grade, just as durable, beautiful and best of all, they only take minutes instead of days or weeks to achieve the finished result.

Porcelain crowns are made to match the shape, size, and color of your teeth, giving you a long-lasting, beautiful smile. Click the link at right to learn more.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can cover discolored, crooked, cracked and even gapped teeth, transform your overall appearance and boosting confidence. Imagine, veneers placed by our highly-skilled cosmetic dentist on your initial visit and leaving with the smile you’ve always wanted. With DETAIL DENTAL’s new CEREC and CAD/CAM digital technology, we are able to give you a bright rejuvenated smile right here in the office in the very same appointment.

Same-day veneers are not only convenient, they can lower treatment cost as there are no temporary veneers and no follow-up appointment for finished placement. What’s more, Dr. Chisler and the Detail Dental team have greater control over the finished look as your porcelain veneers are milled right here in the office.  Adjustments can be made immediately and the veneers can be more precisely matched for fit and color all in the same visit.

If you are unsure veneers are right for you and would like to know more, click the link at right to learn the many reasons some choose porcelain veneers and what is involved in placing them.

Dental Implants

Replacing missing or broken teeth has never been easier or more instantly gratifying. Traditional implant procedures can require months between visits and multiple recovery periods, but with DETAIL DENTAL’s new CEREC and CAD/CAM digital technology, we are able to give you a beautiful restoration perfectly matched to your other teeth, AND we can make them here in the office while you wait. Using 3D digital imaging and the latest surgical techniques, Dr. Chisler and the Detail Dental team can place dental implants and securely attach artfully-milled crowns right here in the office. One recovery period…amazing results!

Implants are a not only a better solution over ill-fitting dentures, they can offer improved appearance, self-esteem, as well as oral health and overall wellness.  Click the link at right to read more about implants from Detail Dental.

Porcelain Fixed Bridges

We know you have important things to worry about, that’s why we offer same-day bridges. Just like with a dental implant, fixed dental bridges, or implant bridges can also be completed in a single office visit for a worry-free solution that looks and acts just like your natural teeth. Because implant bridges are fixed, they offer a long-lasting solution that protects and maintains the structure of surrounding teeth, and improved function in eating, talking and smiling. No more worries about your dental prosthetic becoming loose or falling out.

Fixed dental bridges restore your smile and the ability to properly chew and speak. By anchoring the bridge through the restorative implant procedure you distribute the forces of chewing which allows for greater strength and improved appearance.  Learn more about fixed bridges at the link at right.