Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures are a viable and often recommended solution if you have failing teeth, need dentures or are unsatisfied with your current smile. Hybrids, as the name implies, offer a combination of prosthesis constructed of two or more different materials. The great thing about them is they are more durable than snap-in dentures but less expensive and permanent than dentures that are attached.

Detail Dental proudly partners with Absolute Dental Services Labs to create beautiful prosthetics for our patients.

At Detail Dental we approach each case as unique based on the patient’s dental needs and circumstances. We believe hybrid dentures offer greater self-confidence and enable a higher quality of life through enjoyment of a wider variety of food options, and the same level of quality oral hygiene as with natural teeth. Because of the restrictions on placing implants in a patient’s mouth, the patient’s preference, or cost, the removable permanent denture may be preferred in some situations. Finding the best type of denture for you starts with talking through your options with Dr. Chisler and developing a care plan as unique as you.

Hybrid Denture Restorations Benefits

  • Titanium framework or implants with CAD/CAM milling for a perfect fit
  • Options for fixed full-arch restoration
  • Detailed pricing that is all-inclusive
  • Highly-effective Denture Solution – Strong, secure & aesthetically pleasing
What exactly is a hybrid fixed denture?

Fixed-detachable dentures, or hybrid dentures are a type of fixed denture that offers increased stability and strength over regular removable dentures. Hybrids rest on top of the teeth and gums like removable dentures, however, they are fastened using implant screws, or titanium plates to offer superior support along with a more natural appearance and feel. Hybrid dentures do not require messy creams or adhesives to hold them in place, so slipping and gum irritation are both eliminated, and because bite strength is increased you can enjoy a wider variety of foods. And because hybrid dentures do not cover the roof of the mouth like snap-ins do, you are able to take full advantage and pleasure in eating and drinking the things you like.

Materials and craftmanship make the Detail Dental difference.

The strength of titanium.

If your goal is to maintain bite strength and function as close to your natural teeth, Detail Dental may recommend a permanent screw-retained hybrid denture optimally secured and fastened to four or more dental implants, or via a titanium framework. This fixed-removable prosthetic restoration offers superior prosthetic stability and natural function. Depending on your individual needs, Dr. Chisler and Detail Dental’s expertly-trained lab can restore your teeth using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology to model, plan, mill, and seat implants or a titanium framework which is then used to secure a skillfully-crafted, screw-retained hybrid denture for optimal fit and wear. Artfully crafted nano-ceramics supported by a carbon acetal frame make hybrid dentures from Detail Dental an exceptional restorative option and value.

The beauty of Monolithic Zirconia and versatility of layered ceramics.

If aesthetics and strength are equally desired, Dr. Chisler and the Detail Dental team may suggest a full arch restoration comprised of a milled Monolithic Zirconia over implant or framework. The gold standard, this fixed-hybrid option offers both best in class strength and aesthetics with the characteristic brilliance of zirconia.

For cases where accuracy and aesthetics allow for limited vertical clearance, or supporting structure compromised, Detail Dental offers layered ceramics. This innovative technology controls and allows redirected screw access affording Dr. Chisler superb aesthetics and accuracy for even the most complex cases.