Our Detail Dental Team

We have already shared with you a little about how awesome we think out team is, but we invite you to get to know them yourself. We know once you visit our office you will feel right at home among friends.

Please also visit our doctors biography pages to learn a little more about what drives our collective mission to give you a beautiful healthy smile of a lifetime.

Colleen K. Jones R.D.H., B.S.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family. My husband and I recently celebrated 23 years of marriage. We have three beautiful children, a golden retriever, and two cats.

I graduated in 1992 from The Ohio State University. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. I am a BIG buckeye fan. “O-H-_-_!” However, I do support Indiana colleges. My daughter attends Purdue University and my older son is at Trine University. My youngest child is a Junior in HS and will be driving soon.  My taxi services will no longer be needed!

I enjoy gardening, hiking, downhill skiing, and arts & crafts.

My Motto is: “Live every day with a thankful heart, for peace and happiness will soon follow.”

A note from the team:

When we ask patients about their appointment after seeing Colleen, they always respond, “Wow, my mouth feels clean.”  Each and every day, Colleen provides an increased level of care that you may not have experienced anywhere else. She takes that extra step to make sure your time in our office is time well spent.  Feel free to request Colleen by name.


Hello, my name is Michelle and I’ve been a dental assistant for 35 years.  I’ve worked here with Dr. Spandau in this office for the last 27 years and plan to work with Dr. Chisler for the next 27 years.

I enjoy the creative side of dentistry and getting to know our patients on a personal level. Over the years, I’ve seen younger patients grow, settle down, and now their children are adult patients in our office.  If you’re looking for a new dental home, give us a try.  You’ll be glad you did.

Note from the team:

Michelle’s knowledge of dentistry far surpasses most others in her field.  She makes it a point to learn as much as she can about every material, technique, and procedure that we use in the office.  Michelle will prove to you that with experience comes efficient quality.  She produces beautiful restorations and does so in very little time.  Feel free to ask for her by name.


My name is Ruschelle and I have been a licensed dental hygienist for over 13 years now.  I graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry in 2006.  Ever since I was an eighth-grader, working as a clinical assistant during the first couple of years in college, I knew I wanted to be a dental hygienist. Outside of work, I love spending time with family.

My husband, Jason and I, have been married for almost 13 years, have three sons (7, 4, and 2), and one baby daughter.  I look forward to warmer seasons to spend outdoors, gardening, and crafting.

A note from the team:

Rushelle has the ability to make every patient feel at ease while they have their teeth cleaned.  Patients love her for her gentle touch and calm personality.  When patients are asked how their appointment was, they respond, “Oh, it was wonderful.  Just like it always is with Ruschelle.”  If you have any anxiety about getting back to the dentist, just ask for Ruschelle!


Our team is full of diverse and enjoyable personalities. Everyone works as hard as they can to create an organized, enjoyable and welcoming workplace. I am a 1996 graduate from Indiana University School of Dentistry from the Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Program and further my knowledge of dentistry with continuing education programs.

Outside of dentistry I have 2 children that keep me busy.  I also enjoy cooking and many outdoor activities.

A note from the team:

Tonya is one of those people that everyone loves to work with because she always operates at 100%, is honest in everything she does, and produces quality, consistent dentistry day in and day out.  She has a keen eye for the esthetic nuances in our profession, which enables her to transform a patient’s smile right before their eyes.  If there’s something about your smile that you’re not completely happy with, try scheduling some time with Tonya.


My name is Jenna and I am one of the newest additions to the Detail Dental team. I am an EFDA that has recently graduated from International Business College in December 2019. My favorite part of dentistry is helping people whether it’s with treatment or sharing information. Outside of dentistry, my biggest passion lies with the Polynesian arts. When I’m not in the office you could probably find me dancing hula. Hope to see you guys in the office soon!

A note from the team:

Jenna has the determination and drive to learn as much as possible about everything around her in as little time as possible.  It’s normal for Jenna to learn something one day and be found teaching it to someone else the next.  She brings vibrant energy to the practice that spreads to everyone around her.  Pushing the boundaries of technology and digital advancements, Jenna is the future of dentistry.  If you have any questions about how our office and dentistry as a whole is advancing with the times, feel free to ask her.


I grew up in the small town of Clayton, Indiana and graduated from Cascade High School.  My hobbies have changed in the past few years as all my children are now adults.  My coaching basketball, soccer, and softball have been replaced with reading, laying on the beach, and time with family.

I graduated dental school from Professional Careers Institute in 1992 and went on to college to become a dental hygienist.  As I worked in the dental field through college, I realized my passion was working in the front office.  I have been lucky enough to enjoy every aspect of my career including: greeting patients, helping them get the most out of their insurance, answering questions about the treatment they need, and coming up with financing options that enable patients to achieve the smiles they’ve dreamed of their entire lives.

A note from the team:

Angie has been a leader in this office from the very beginning.  If you notice something new and unique from one visit to the next, Angie probably had something to do with it.  She is the first one you see when you walk through the door greeting you with a smile and a welcoming personality.  Angie works relentlessly to make sure patients receive the care they need in a way in which they can afford it.  If you’re concerned about paying for the treatment that you want, talk to Angie.  She can make it happen!


My name is Robin, I am a graduate of Professional Careers Institute and have an Associate Degree from IUPUI. I have spent my entire career involved in the field of dentistry, as an expanded duties dental assistant, later as an instructor at Professional Careers Institute, leading to opening a dental assisting program at Ben Davis High School. Also furthered my career as a sales representative for a national dental supply company.

I have two sons and three grandchildren, and I live with my boyfriend and two dogs. I enjoy the Indianapolis 500, gardening, biking, the outdoors and concerts.

A note from the team:

Every patient in our practice knows Robin by name.  She is loved by everyone and truly enjoys getting to know each and every patient.  Robin’s extensive experience in the dental industry is evident each and every day.  If you have questions about your insurance and how much they will help pay for treatment, Robin is the one to ask.